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In terms of sub-ethnic

In terms of sub-ethnic groups, yes, they are the majority. Arabs are not one monolithic people. You have yet to provide a source for any of your ridiculous and racist claims about Palestinians.

"Despite having held a comprehensive national census in 2004, the Jordanian government would not divulge the exact percentage of Palestinians in the kingdom. Nonetheless, the secret that everyone seems to know but which is never openly admitted is that Palestinians make up the vast majority of the population."

"In his 2011 book, Our Last Best Chance, King Abdullah claimed that the Palestinians make up a mere 43 percent. The U.S. State Department estimates that Palestinians make up "more than half" of Jordanians[1] while in a 2007 report, written in cooperation with several Jordanian government bodies, the London-based Oxford Business Group stated that at least two thirds of Jordan's population were of Palestinian origin.[2] Palestinians make up the majority of the population of Jordan's two largest cities, Amman and Zarqa, which were small, rural towns before the influx of Palestinians arrived in 1967 after Jordan's defeat in the Six-Day War."

I don't think all of the Palestinians in Jordan are counted as "refugees." Still awaiting any references to back up any of the typical anti-Palestinian claims you have made. I take this very seriously, cause I know Americans are extremely ignorant about the Palestinians, thus the lack of interest in their suffering.