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It's one of our special moments of the day

Especially having a rooster.. the birds are very sensitive. They communicate with their eyes. You can communicate with them that way. The birds form little groups, cliques, and this is part of a evolving pecking order. Grapes, corn, melon are treats, so when it's treat time, the rooster will let me know.. he'll crow and peck the ground in such a way.. so I'll toss him a few grapes. He begins making a clucking sound that calls the hens.

The hens run over to him, how close depends on pecking order, though he does have a favorite.. and she's not the one with his three new chicks.. they gets their grapes tossed west, the red hens, north, the bardrocks, east and the barnfelders and winedots, south, and then they all rotate in a circle where everyone gets to try everyone's else's grapes. Maybe chickens think the other chickens got better grapes then they did.