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Humans are an aquatic mammal

As I understand the theory, a common ancestor and bi-bipedalism was an adaptation that resulted from walking in shallow water, most all primates now while in water, walk on 2 feet. The reference to diving is very important biologically, humans can control breathing (hold breath), very rare among land mammals, we have 4 different physical adaptations to allow deep dives,, any land mammal at 400 meters would have crushed lungs and internal hemorrhaging. 400 meters is the record but commonly 100 meters and five minuet dive times is common with Japanese pearl divers. Other adaptations are: ear, eye brow & nose configuration, fat layers under smooth skin like aquatic mammals, very dilute urine, limited thirst instinct, sweat, babies born layered with fat like water mammals, 7% of humans are born with webbed toes, etc. The adaptations I can think of, plus add in the fact a naked human could not survive more than a few days on a hot dry savanna. There is no doubt our biological adaptations come from an ancestor that was an aquatic primate. Probably a hunter gatherer traveling in and near the shore line, which allowed for escaping predators from both the land and water. Most likely eating fish, the opposing thumbs helped in harvesting shell fish gathered from diving. Even today water recreation and the desire to live near water is evident in humans. Watch people, especially children at a beach, in and out of the water, land mammals just don't do that voluntarily.