Comment: to be able to cook an awesome steak

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to be able to cook an awesome steak

for Nickel's rash to go away

and for chris taylor to pay for our next date

for ego to get on his knees and say 'baby i caused that wreck because i'm madly in love wth you." so i can say.."sorry ego, I'm focused on my career right now."

a gray suit like Dagney Taggert wore in the Fountainhead...

to bring MGM's stock price on par Wynn resorts (NOT t start a conflict btw for all the overly sensitive out there...there just no reason for that large of a gap in stock prices when we both have the same amenities)

for sophia to have a great time on her first date to the winter dance

for Ben Bernake to shave his beard so we can youtube his double chin

to learn to speak Chinese

for my kids to live extra exciting lives that people want to write books about

for Ron Paul to be President of Texas so Alicia will have tips without taxes, a sound currency, and something to brag about on facebook

and for all you candy yams without marshmallows and big turkey's out there in DP world to have a nice thanksgiving