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Thanks for the Update

An 18 year veteran police officer can't tell the difference between a raucous party and a 3 year old, who just learned that he could whip it out and pee?
A small talk, "hey bud, big men don't do that in the front yard. They walk around back, or go in the house, k?"..."k"..
End of story.

The real tragedy is men like that, as officers for 18 years. And, of course, the “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” charge. Really? Have they never been around a 3 year old? It used to be that a 3 year old didn’t have the mens rea to even commit a crime. Unless the parents were in the yard, cheering him on, I don’t see any contribution either.

He was given an opportunity to actually help the world in some small way, and threw that away in favor of a huge citation. That would have been a feather in his cap, a $2500 fine. What accolade that would have brought him from his superiors. That sort of attitude is insidious. I think it’s doubtful that was his first bogus citation, though, possibly the biggest. Now he’s angry that they threw him under the bus for doing what they condone. Awww.
I'm glad this one shone a light, too often it doesn’t.

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