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Just got this email update

from Tennessee Campaign for liberty:

Thanks to overwhelming blowback from YOU the Citizens of Tennessee, in the form of calls, e-mails, and letters, Governor Haslam has squirmed and decided to wait on bringing Obamacare to Tennessee... for now.

The new decision date is mid-December when most people will be focused on various holiday celebrations, vacations, and family time. Governor Haslam plans to sneak an Obamacare Insurance Exchange into Tennessee during that time even though many other Republican Governors have rejected Obamacare on the state level.

Make no mistake, this fight is just beginning and will likely continue into the 2013 legislative session in early January. In fact there is already a bill drafted to prohibit this, not to mention prior existing law which already makes Governor Haslam's actions illegal.

Besides Haslam cowarding to President Obama and refusing to stand up to him like many other Republican Governors, he also keeps repeating two lies - 1) The Feds will implement an Obamacare Exchange if the state government doesn't, and 2) If the state government implements an Obamacare Exchange they will have control over it.

Now here is why his two talking points are outright lies -

1) There has been no federal money allocated for the Feds to setup or run an Obamacare Exchange. With a Republican controlled US House of Representatives, it is highly unlikely that any money will be allocated for this purpose. In fact Obama himself has said he prefers the state governments to implement his Exchanges so that the federal government doesn't have to.

2) Obamacare reads (Sec 1331 and Sec 1334) that the Feds have say over how any Obamacare statel-level Exchange is run. And other Governors have even admitted that their control over a state Obamacare Exchange is minimal. Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey even said that TN would have less than 10-20% control over an Obamacare Exchange if it were set up by the state government.