Comment: Looks like there are 2 of these crazy posts.

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Looks like there are 2 of these crazy posts.

so I am copying and pasting my reply from here :

While I am happy for this elderly Chinese couple who have managed to stay in their home, I think we have a few things to continue to celebrate here in this land of from sea to shining sea:

since 49-78 million of our fellow countrymen have not been murdered in our own land by any of our leaders in the last century as done by Mao in China:

since currently in the US, women who have more than one child are not forcibly violated so their unborn can be evicted by murder as done in China: this number is not included in the 49-78 million deaths listed above.

since currently in the US, Christians worship freely without government torture or persecution as done in China:

Additionally, before we begin to espouse the wonderful civil liberties in China, perhaps it would be a good idea to view a list of a few more topics regarding human rights in China:

I have even heard of people wanting to jump to their deaths because of labor situations:


How many 15 year olds are forced to labor in China?
so that we in these free United States can enjoy our video games?
I question the intent of this article...yes we have imminent domain problems here; yes, we are seeing an attack on civil liberties, but thank God we have not had to suffer as the people of China have