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What you did as a FREE US Citizen is not this:

"The basic point of the system is to provide cheap labor to manufacturers," said Geoffrey Crothall, a spokesman for China Labour Bulletin, a Hong Kong nonprofit promoting workers' rights. "Ideally, you go to vocational school to learn a trade so that you're in a good position to get a job when you graduate. In reality, the vocational schools make money by sending kids to factories. It's a fairly manipulated form of labor available to manufacturers whenever they need it."

You had these children have a choice? I never said work was wrong. What I am saying is that these children are being taken advantage of by a system.

Did you have a forced internship?

Can you at anytime choose to change your working conditions?

Do you agree with forced labor?

Did you read the article?

"Internships usually take place during a student's second year. Teachers are supposed to accompany the interns, but Yantai students said none were present during their recent Foxconn stint.

An assignment at the LG Electronics plant across the street from the school was considered a plum internship, students said, because the tasks are largely mechanized. In contrast, the youngsters said they dreaded getting sent to Foxconn because the long hours, physical demands and monotony were well-known among the student body.

"None of us wanted to work there, but we had no choice," said another of the interns, a lanky 15-year-old with a peach-fuzz crew cut assigned to put finished PlayStations into boxes. "You can't fight the school and the system."

The boys said they were given a day's notice to pack their belongings and head for Foxconn, which picked them up in company buses for the 15-minute drive to the factory. They said they received little training before starting their assignments. The five bunked together in a dorm room they said was far more comfortable than their housing at school. They said they netted about $150 each for the first month of work — after the company deducted $80 for their lodging and cafeteria meals."

"One boy said he worked an overnight shift that started at 7:30 p.m. looking for imperfections on finished gaming consoles. Another struggled to stand after spending hours screwing together thousands of devices. The intern assigned to lug plastic cases for the product bore red welts on his neck from hoisting heavy loads onto his thin shoulders."

I wonder how many hours they worked in a months time to earn $150? I wonder if they wanted the "cafeteria" meals? They had to PAY for their room and board. $80 bucks was deducted.

Lots of free choices available for these kids. How about you? Where did you eat and sleep when you were 15? Did the state tell you where you were going to eat and sleep with little to no notice? Did someone force you to work till you could not stand?

There is a difference between free choice and semi slavery. But you must remember, you pay over 50% of your personal wages in taxes and federal regulations...the difference, you do what you want and eat and sleep where you want and you can quit anytime you want.