Comment: 2012 Discredited the Rand strategy

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2012 Discredited the Rand strategy

Our best hope of 'inside' GOP track failed. Guess what? We'll say, "This time our guy is more mainstream." "This time GOP voters are really really ready for a non-moderate."

Guess what? Rubio will be the nominee and will probably lose because he's just nuts.

The Libertarian party won't work, we've tried that.

Only ONE hope: a new party of Libertarians and Tea Party. Guys like what Mark Levin pretend to be and us. They are getting short with GOP and if we can get at least a portion of that voting bloc, then we can dismantle the GOP one election at the time. Eventually, it will die off and you'll have the liberty party, and the statist party. Period.

I've talked about it before: