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Comment: Texas COPS are the most authoritarian in the nation.

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Texas COPS are the most authoritarian in the nation.

If you live in a city like Houston you have the pleasure of dealing with countless police agencies over and above ...

Constables (Township Police) bigger than sheriffs department
Every school has its own police force
Some corporations have their own police forces (UP Police just for Texas)

It is not uncommon to pull up to a stoplight in Houston and find yourself looking at 5 different police cars from 4 different agencies, all sitting there with you but going in different directions.

In fact it is uncommon in Houston to pull up to a stop light at a major intersection and not see at least two police cars. They are everywhere.

I keep wondering when they will be standing there holding the toilet paper for me in the restroom.

I tell you there are enough cops on payroll in Texas alone to wipe and service the rear-ends of every citizen in 3 states.