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Damn, all those middle class

Damn, all those middle class consumers have been profiteering and cheating by purchasing a wide variety of quality goods at low prices all under one roof simply to get a good deal and make their own live better and more comfortable. Those middle and lower class consumers are just exploiting the workers. Don’t they know they can only shop at expensive places like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms and Tiffany’s that pay higher wages even though the consumers would only be able to afford less than one-tenth of what they could buy at Wal-Mart. Don’t they realize it is their duty to live impoverished lives and pay higher prices for fewer goods so that the other people can earn bigger wages.

Katherine’s post is full of irrational emotional knee jerk false conclusions and myth. It is irrational to compare Wal-Mart wages to higher end stores. Wal-Mart is not recruiting high end workers with high pay to come work for lower wages. That is idiotic. They are offering better opportunity to people stuck in entry level positions or low end wages like fast food jobs with little benefits, who leave their jobs to work for Wal-Mart because it offers higher pay and benefits from what they are currently receiving.

Wal-Mart and similar merchants have been one of the biggest factors in increasing the lifestyles of middle and lower end workers by providing a wide selection of low priced goods to them that they would not otherwise be able to afford. It provides more for everyone at lower cost. By doing so, they have vastly lifted the lifestyles of people, and enriched the lives of millions. Its activities have done more to fight poverty than any government program. People on middle and lower class wages can afford an array of clothing, flat screen TVs, stereos, digital cameras, kitchen utensils, appliances, home furnishings, etc. – vastly improving their living conditions and life style. Katherine’s policies would be to effectively deprive the lower and middle classes of such lifestyle and benefits, and condemn them to live more impoverished lives so that Katerine’s high minded imperial self-righteous indignation could be assuaged.

It is estimated that Wal-Mart’s market activites have resulted in lifting no less than 460,000 people out of poverty per year:

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