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Lotsa questions..

This statement of yours above is an oversight.
"I wonder how many hours they worked in a months time to earn $150? I wonder if they wanted the "cafeteria" meals?
They had to PAY for their room and board. $80 bucks was deducted.

>Wrong. "Did YOU read the article?", he asked with a droll tongue in cheek condescendingly bad attitude while he rolled his eyes about the room and flopped about as if posessed with a particularly bad case of the palsies.
Ahem. They had $150 after the $80 deductions. $80 per month for room and board doesn't seem like a particularly good deal to you? Hmmm?
Gimme room and board with utilities and garbage pick up for 80 bucks a month and I'll eat cafeteria food for the rest of my life, and I'll squish the green jello out through my toothy smile, three times a day.

>So each 15 year old kid learned and earned $240 a month in a country whose current average income is $288 per month according to your CNN.

>What a bunch of teenaged shysters these kids are scamming these adults like this. Jeez.

>Ms. Bear? Do you really believe this statement? "Another struggled to stand after spending hours screwing together thousands of devices".
>You can't believe this statement. These are 15 year old boys. Someone in China or at the newspaper has a bad case of drama queen. The whole article was written by the same person.

Great Questions:

Did you have a forced internship?
>I was forced by law to sit idly in a government school for 8 years while the teacher worked with the dumbest kid in the class.

Can you at anytime choose to change your working conditions?
>I could not leave my mandated government classes. The Chinese students, however, were voluntarily enrolled in the program sorta like shop class is optional here.

Do you agree with forced labor? >You mean like the draft or predatory double taxation or maybe community service programs here? On topic, I believe in voluntary contracts and contracted apprentice programs.

Did you read the article? >Yes ma'am, I did. May I help you with it? ;) How many countries overseas have you been to?

Q batch two:

Where did you eat and sleep when you were 15?
>For 9 months I was locked up by the government for posession of two hits of speed, first violation. The summer after that I lived in the back seat of Rich Collin's 67 Impala, read Ayn Rand books and got high on living. I hitchhiked to Denver that August and slept on benches in front of the Capitol building and on the floor of the Nicheren Shoshu temple for a few weeks while I looked for work, enlightenment and poontang. Not necessarily in that order. Thanks for asking, that period after I got out was the most free I have ever been. I was like a cut loose balloon.
Did the state tell you where you were going to eat and sleep with little or no notice?
>Yes, exactly what bunk, cell and what seat. Until they let me out.

Did someone force you to work till you could not stand?
>No. The favorite punitive and unpaid labor was scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush. My regular janitor job while locked up paid 10 cents an hour in 1971. Just enough for cigarettes and a little weed.

You quote the newspapers like you're cuddled up with them. Do you really believe what you read in them?
>Of course, you know you can't believe the American media about what goes on in foriegn countries, it's mostly lies and lies of omission.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ