Comment: It isn't because of one elderly couple in a highway.

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It isn't because of one elderly couple in a highway.

Although I am verrry impressed that the Chinese government respects their private property. Strong private property laws are the core ideal of a free society.

China is getting better than the USA because of the over ten thousand cases here in the USA where every level of government is stealing property from poor people for baseball stadiums and casinos and malls, to give to rich developers. To increase the tax base.

Howabout towns that property tax businesses at 20% of the property value every year, not counting all the sign taxes and sales taxes, etc. Is that freedom?

The USA has fallen to 10th freest place on the planet behind Canada, Chile, and Mauritius off the coast of Africa.

In the next 4 years the omnipotent state will tighten up the screws to generate more money, and expand drone activity striking fear into the hearts of Americans everywhere.


"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ