Comment: Reelz channel's deceptive docudrama sends me down rabbit hole

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Reelz channel's deceptive docudrama sends me down rabbit hole

I was just recently telling my husband about the E. Howard Hunt confession. The JFK murder is not unsolved; it is unprosecuted. The main players are clear.

It was seeing "The Kennedys" miniseries in Spring 2011 on the Reelz channel that got me to really get back into peering down the rabbit hole. I watched the whole thing and then was profoundly shocked at the end when they portrayed the lone-nut Oswald myth as the scenario for JFK's assasination. I thought to myself "People don't actually still think this, do they?" I had watched "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" series when it first aired on the History Channel back in 2003 when the last 3 segments were added. That series made it clear that a wider conspiracy involving LBJ, the CIA, and other top levels of government had been involved. I couldn't understand why this new "docudrama" was going backwards and ignoring what had already been clearly established.

Then I started looking into it more closely, which led me to Jim Fetzer, who made me rethink 9/11/01, and then to Alex Jones' podcast through an itunes store search on the JFK assasination. It went on from there. Anyway, looking back I think it is interesting how the blatant lie of this fluffy miniseries is what brought me over to Truth. I guess the Establishment's plans backfire sometimes!