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Great article

If we don't step up, fill these seats and take these offices, we will remain enslaved to those who we need to replace with ourselves.

In the article, this line:

Non-veterans run two of the four congressional committees that determine military policy — Armed Services and Appropriations — and have vigorously defended interests of the military and industries that depend on it.

Who are those non-veterans and let's get them replaced.

This is also noteworthy:

Celli said the American Legion could not support any budget deal to reduce the deficit that would put additional financial burdens on veterans, such as higher co-pays for health care or scaled back benefits. "Veterans' benefits should never be a bargaining chip," he said.

The American Leigion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, these organizations divided with Nam, and while there are few vets from Nam, there are even fewer from later wars, conflicts.. because congress doesn't declare war anymore. These "good old boys" (and they are good people) enjoy the past victories/spoils, while seeing the newer vets as, "you guys lost your conflict, so you guys don't get so much". It's not as if military bennefits were distributed equally.

It's also the fact that military trains for corporate security and infrastructure, so they continue government work and police jobs, service jobs doing what they are trained, which is not to think politics. Also, like the military, many of these jobs transfer people for career advancement so they live in many places, but don't get to know anyone.