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For goodness sake?

My mom was raised in part by her nanny, a great, great, great, grand relative who was old the day may dad first saw her, according to my now departed dad.

She was fond of saying "for goodness sake", and that old lady was never known to hurt anyone, as far back as I was able to know, ever.

So when someone says to me that there are those who go to heaven and those who go to hell I have my own standard of measure, my own sense of this understanding of goodness, for the sake of being good, and that old lady, nanny, she was just nanny to everyone, for goodness sake.

I don't know why I had to get that out, exactly, but for now God is not done with my mom, but there is very little sand left in the top part of the hour glass.

The book title looks fantastic, a very attractive looking sign on the cover of a curious topic: Gold does what?

As to the POWER invested in Iraq, it should be well known by now, that Wars have a beginning and an end, according to the "History" written by the winners.

The winners, which will probably be based in China, with the new World Reserve Currency Issue, will probably write about how the losers, the aggressors, the bad guys, the criminals, marched through the Middle East, one Country at a time, setting up their ill gotten Military Power, like Dominoes, borrowing our hard earned "money", from us, we the "Chinese" (mind you), and they squandered that wealth of ours trying to defeat us, marching all through, one at a time, those poor Nations of innocent people, right up until Iran, and then we had to step in and crush the dirty bastards.

You may not want to see it that way, because that makes us the new Nazi Criminal Gang, but torture is now legal, mass murder is now legal, and experimenting on, abusing, kidnapping, and enslaving children, or just murdering them in massive piles of compressed flesh and bones, is now Legal here is good ole' U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), so you may not like it, but that failure to like it does not make it any less real.

As to who, in fact, is "firing rockets at Israel", please remember to stop using their lies to think thoughts in your own mind, it is unbecoming a Christian lady, and unbecoming a true Friend of Liberty. No one is firing rockets at a legal Fiction, or firing rockets at a place on Earth inside the legal boundaries, as if someone has nothing better to do with their time and energy than to play such games.

Which rocket was fired by which PERSON when? Who hired that person to do that, what was the target, what was the purpose of financing that person to fire that rocket at that time to hit that target?

If you can't see the good in government, to know better, than why not, and if you continue to employ, in your own mind, the false government LIES, as if they were real, then what do you think will be the result of that failure to know better?

Even if common law, trial by jury, and a constitutional limited government is not perfect, at least it can be used by Friends of Liberty to know better, as to who is friend and who is not.