Comment: I find that's also true here in CA

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I find that's also true here in CA

It seems when liberals adopt a libertarian idea, like decriminalizing cannabis, things happen, like Prop 215 and consequential states voting for cannis reform, yet, spending decades reforming. The Neo agenda, Neo as in New, as in New World Order, as in UN corporate controlled government, is operated by Neoliberals who have the same agenda as Neocons and why both parties appear the same as the neocliberals infiltraited the GOP decades ago and have worked to kill it, wanting to give us a NWO through a one party (duopoly). So I believe the Neoliberals, like Hillary Clinton, will get the Democratic committees to uphold the UN treaty(conference).

Least we forget, the largest growing voting block is Indy, and they have no representation, yet enable tptb to continue unchallenged within and insulated from those outside/indy.