Comment: I think you may mislead also

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I think you may mislead also

You provided anecdotal evidence that supports Israel. I could post more than few quotes from the Leadership of Israel that claims they stole land, they need to wipe out the Palestinians, and even drive them into the sea.
Do you not believe there are Jews that believe they are entitled to the land promised to Abraham by God? That land includes Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, parts of Egypt, parts of Iran etc.

The question of importance to me is are the Palestinians entitled to ALL the land prior to 1967? In 1967, Israel won the war and it gained much land from the surrounding countries, and most of the land of the Palestinians. Israel has returned the land to the countries that fought in the war, but not the Palestinian land. The Palestinians did not fight in that war.
Israel claims it needs the land as a buffer against attacks, at the same time the government is paying people live there. If people live there, it is no longer a buffer.

If I had two neighbors, one on the east, and one on the west, and they starting warring, and I left. The victor would have no right to may land.