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Comment: some truth, some bs

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some truth, some bs

one point i believe and accept

food immediately frozen,,, is as NUTRITIOUS as fresh----agreed----a bag of frozen cranberries or strawberries

the problem is what is overlooked----- are there additives,,,, and is it canned with bpa

no one mentioned this,,,, or organic is better as far as pesticides

also----many fresh fruits are inferior,,,, as they are picked b4 "ripening on the vine" since it has to travel for possible weeks to it's destination,,,,, many processes get cut short and when ripening sugars are formed sweetened,,,, explaining why fruit isn't as good or sweet as we may remember
nothing compares to a fresh ripe peach from 2 miles away--mmmmm--donuts!!!!!!!!!!

this certainly is going to be ongoing saga as big agri will have to wage a long--hardfought battle to brainwash people into cheap mass produced crap food

i believe again the internet is winning and gov't and corporations will see it as evil and clamp down where possible
the internet is a trove of truth exposing gov't and health-food truth and thought-theory type stuff,,,,, it is re-informing the uninformed,,, which was our job according to the founders,,,, an informed people will hold those accountable,,we failed for the last 80 years or more

i saw this first on morning joe----with dr jeffrey sachs---the head honcho of sustainablesomething at columbia univ,,,,,, he just sat there and agreed ,,, never batting an eye,,,, and even said organics can't feed the world,,,,,,,i wanted to reach thru my tv and strangle him as i recounted ten facts of how he's wrong and refuted his b.s. talking points,,,,, maddening i tell yah!!!!!!!!!!!