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Comment: I have many conflicts

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I have many conflicts

about the actions happening in that region. I am aware of most of the information you've posted as well. Personally, I think we should let them solve it themselves an stay the hell out of it. The American government is funding ALL sides of this conflict, trying to buy control and 'friends'.

I agree that the Arabs have initiated the worst of the conflicts, but after 2,000 years (longer than USA has been a country by ALOT) I'm not so sure the ALLIES from WW2 should have had any business forcing a new Israel. How about the UN coming to America, pushing us all aside, and declaring that this land now be designated Native America?

I think the Muslims are a whackjob culture to say the least. I think they are brutal and feckless in every culture they dominate. I work in the film industry and we are swamped with people from all sides of this region from Jews to Persians and Arabs and on. Not a fan of working with very many of them in the realm of honesty and trust so am looking to bug out of here and go back to my small country home in the next couple years.

After years and years of paying close attention to the Middle East, working with people that found their way out of there to the USA, studying, reading, learning, watching. I've come to the decision that intervening, participating, or any other 'ing, it's not worth it. Let em fight it out and get it done. We are so dependent on the resources in the area is the only reason we give a shit.

My leanings, however, tend to go with the Jews for historical reasons. The Muslims tend to ruin everything they come in contact with. From the Buddhist statues they blew out of the cliffs in Afghanistan to the new idiot Muslim BroHood leader they have in office now in Egypt that just declared himself the new "Pharoah". The Muslims BroHood wants to start tearing down the damn Pyramids now and WE (not fucking me) backed all the political upheaval that is due to ruin the remnants of human history.

I am certain to get downvoted by all the Jew haters that don't understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism. But if I have to take a side, I side with the Jews at the end of the day. They don't NEED any help to quash all these idiots that build new mosques on top of centuries old monuments to humanity. Let them sort it out themselves is my stance.

Of course that will never happen as the USA will continue to determine it's own demise by the destruction in the value of the fiat dollar, Brownshirting our own citizens with the TSA, taxing people till they have no ability to save, forcing farmlands into corporate wastelands, redistributing our incomes to the lazy and expectant, and on and on. We have our own problems that are cratering this country and we will continue to see that happen for as long as we think we have any business in ANY other region to tell anyone what to do.

America, like Rome, will fall from it's glory. And the people of the middle east will still be there fighting like rabid dogs for Allah when our time in history has passed.