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Thank you,

So many of these AP systems have a Rube Goldberg appearance, pipes, pumps, bio-filters, tanks, auto siphons, timers, it can be complicated and a little confusing. I need to learn more. What I have now is two small in ground ponds (PDM lined)one with about 300 gal and another 600 gal, a small pump running through a small expanded clay pebble bio-filter. I have goldfish, frogs and a turtle in the ponds, a purple water plant that's growing like mad. Its been running about 5 years and the fish are doing fine, except for the ducks that drop in and that darn raccoon.

This past year, rather than watering my three, 4'x8' SQ FT gardens with hose water, I ran the water from the ponds, then added fresh water to replenish the ponds. OMG, the gardens seriously exploded, in the past I just used compost, but adding the fish water more than quadrupled the plants. Now I'm hooked on aquaponics.

I'm in Michigan so I need a edible fish species that's hardy for the climate. Any suggestions? I'm considering a green house for next year with an aquaponic system in it.