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isn't it funny how they probably think their crap works

look how informed every commenter here is on this issue

granted many will fall into the trap,,,,,, but i don't think they give credit to people catching on and questioning things and researching issues important to their families and kids etc

i'm addicted to msnbc just to see the mindless drivel they put out and watch the otherside and see how brazen or pathetic the crap they expect people to just willy nilly believe and proceed with
as all media ratings frop it shows it's just not working like it used to

i've seen many condemning Oz for going all holistic and new age after being pro science, evidence based

and now here we have a 180 woth that otherside bashing him,,,, and i wonder if he was told to walk it back to the middle a bit or else,,, tv show goes bye bye