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What great blessings! Here in the US, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, in which we give thanks for our many blessings.

Since you asked for stories, I'll give you a brief one. I have 3 children, and am now expecting. My first, a little girl, was born in a hospital, and it was a good, typical hospital birth (epidural, no complications). My second was a boy, and I accidentally gave birth to him at home (the labor was 2 hours long, and I was using the Hypnobabies program). Because I was living in a place that forbade homebirth midwives, my third child, a girl, was born in the hospital without the use of drugs (once again used Hypnobabies). With this one, I once again hope that I can have a homebirth, but if I have twins, I'll once again have to to go to the hospital, which I seriously don't want to do.

Healthwise, we are more natural than typical, though not as natural and healthy as many others. I credit my mom, who always raised us on whole wheat flour, on wheatgrass juice, on herbs for medicine, and constantly preached to us the value of the alternate health life styles (and this was back before alternative health lifestyles were popular, so my mom got ostracized a lot, and the health food recipes really weren't all that yummy, and she wasn't). We don't use medicine, and we don't go to the doctor's. We might have to actually have broken bones or be in serious trouble for us to go to the hospital. The only conventional medicine I have in the house is some children's tylenol, which is only used at night to help kids sleep when they are being kept awake either by high fevers or by pain (my son gets growing pains). For everything else, we use herbs, food, and simply waiting things out. We only have whole wheat flour in the house, and no white sugar, though we do have brown sugar, honey, and molasses. We eat homemade more often than not. We juice fruits and vegetables and drink smoothies. We need to exercise more, but we at least don't have cable or satellite. We have food storage, and I have started using whole food supplements instead of multivitamins for my pregnancy. The only meat we regularly have in the house is frozen chicken and frozen fish, which we don't eat often. We don't have chips regularly, though I do like ice cream, and the chips we do bring home are plain tortilla chips which I use for chili pie.

I could go on, but basically I'm not as healthy as many other people, but we don't eat the SAD diet. We are continually, slowing, getting more healthy. My kids don't like white bread, for example, and won't eat it, largely because I never have it at home. I need to buy some nutritional yeast so I can make my sesame-kale salad (it's important for the sauce), which my family also loves.

We're all basically healthy. Me and my daughters have a sweet tooth, and we all need to exercise more, but we're not overweight, and we don't get seriously sick. My husband loves the health lifestyle I've introduced him to, and he's more enthusiastic about it than I am ^_^ I guess since he grew up in a house that only ate healthily because they couldn't afford junk food, he never appreciated the real benefits of deliberately choosing an alternative lifestyle until he married me. We even have very few chemicals in the house, preferring to use vinegar-water for nearly every cleaning need.

We also homeschool the kids, and we read our scriptures as a family every day and say our daily prayers, and are active in our church. So we're pretty healthy spiritually and mentally, too, protecting our children from the corrupting culture in the public school system as much as possible. We all enjoy reading.

So, there you go. Sorry to be talking so much about myself when you just barely had a new baby, but you asked.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine