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You version of history is

You version of history is highly selective. For example, you neglect to mention the FACT that Zionist armies had already made incursions into the areas alotted to the Arabs by the UN before ANY surrounding nation "attacked Israel." Another tired notion, thoroughly discredited by Norman Finkelstein and other JEWISH scholars, is the notion that the Palestinians are largely just Syrians and Jordanians who immigrated to Palestine AFTER the Jewish settlers moved in. The Zionist lies are endless. I could go on and on.

One last thing, as others have reminded on here, the Palestinians and the Jews have close genetic connections, so not sure what discussion of pre modern Israeli history has to do with a just peace.

Through its illegal and racist Jewish only colonization of the remaining 22 per cent the original Palestinian homeland, Israel has destroyed any chance of a viable two state solution. "Terror," otherwise known as resistance when any other people resists colonial rule, will never end till Israel provides for a just settlement of the conflict.