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I never see the media ask

I never see the media ask Israeli apologists these simple questions:

When has Israel EVER recognized Palestine as a state?

Why is it wrong for the Palestinians to use violent resistance against the Israeli occupation and Jewish only colonization of the West Bank, when other groups resisting oppression (see the Libyan or Syrian "rebels"), are actually funded by the West?

What would Israel do if Palestine occupied a portion of Israel and set up Arab only "settlements" in what is now Israel?

If Hamas is the reason why Israel has not been able to make peace, why hasn't Israel reached a just settlement with the Palestinians who run the West Bank? There has been virtually zero terrorism from the West Bank over the last five or more years, yet Israel still continues to build illegal Jewish ONLY racial colonies within East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The UN has ruled these actions illegal, time and again, with US support. The US no longer seems to care about UN resolutions unless a nation we don't like is the rogue state.