Comment: The Latest Israeli Palestine Conflict in the Gaza Strip

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The Latest Israeli Palestine Conflict in the Gaza Strip

I find the discussion of the genesis of ancient Israel a tortuous imbroglio; a red herring whose purpose is to inflame religious zealots who are unable to rise up from their biblical roots and face the modern day problems in the Middle East. The country of Israel was recognized by the international community as a sovereign nation in 1948. The Zionists planted their flag and with coercive force evicted the indigenous population.

You can debate history and talk at length about certain events such as Al Nakba but you cannot change it. Right or wrong what's done is done. Just ask any member of the many native Indian tribes throughout America whose land was stolen by the European colonists and forced onto reservations. One could make a comparison between the American Indian reservations and the 1.7 million Palestinian people who reside in the 141 square mile open air prison called the Gaza Strip.

However unlike the Palestinians, the Indians are free to come and go as they please. There are no inspection checkpoints, no buffer zones, no controls of imports or exports, no restrictions on the air space above the reservations. The Indians have some sovereignty granted by the U.S. government and they have access to the federal courts to hear their cases.

The Gaza Strip Palestinian are denied certain unfettered human rights such as education (see: ). Most recently in September, 2012, the Associated Press reported that five Palestinian students were denied access to the West Bank by the Israelis to study (see: ). The Israeli argument is the Gaza Strip is a hostile territory and therefore the entire population must all be treated as suspected terrorists. The people are collectively punished on a daily basis through an ongoing controlled blockade. These are intolerable acts of oppression on a civilian population.

The Israeli military uses disproportionate overwhelming force to achieve control. During the latest attack, 4 Israeli civilians were reported killed, 240 injured while 103 Palestinian civilians died, over 1,000 others wounded. This is madness on both sides.

A ceasefire in the Gaza Strip brokered by Egypt is now in effect. Will it last? It depends on both sides. Hamas has to stop the rocket attacks. Israel has to recognize the Hamas leadership and lift the land, sea and air blockade. Israel must also stop micromanaging the lives of the Palestinian people so they may enjoy the natural right to freely move about and engage in meaningful commerce.

The U.S. Government must also stop its unwavering support for Israel and look to a balanced solution to the Palestinian people's plight to be recognized as a new Middle East nation.