Comment: The FIRST silver I would buy is 99.9% pure wire

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The FIRST silver I would buy is 99.9% pure wire

Just a foot or two, then learn how to make colloidal silver with it;
Here is one way, there are several:
Next learn why I just told you to learn to make colloidal silver if you don't know.

Then go buy some "junk silver." Old US coins - they are easily recognized and a known weight and value. They will be a ready medium of exchange when no one wants your FRNs. How much? Like any good saver, enough to cover 3 months bills is a good start. Calculate that here:

Then, buy ounce rounds. The big stuff is harder to sell. KNOW HOW TO SPOT FAKES> Take a good scale with you and watch a few youtubes on the topic before you buy ANY silver - including the junk.

If you want some unusual uses, buy a few silver goblets and plates and silverware and use them. They are provide a low dose of silver every meal.

But then, I am one who just sold most of my silver - to buy a well. Managed to more than triple our money buy holding it as silver, not FRNs or stocks. Part of the trick is knowing when to sell, too. No, it was not the top, but now I have land and a well. And now I'm stacking again...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.