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I'm not misled, and I don't think Rabbi Weiss or the young people who are conscientious objectors in Israel or Noam Chomsky--(there are others too numerous to mention)

are misled.

Perhaps some of us are too open and zealous in our objections to what is happening in Gaza--

because we feel that we must, somehow, counteract the enormous American sleepiness (or ignorance) with regards to it.

It's blowback, but it's not just America who is responsible; it is Israel (and Britain) as well--or mostly.

No, America should give no foreign aid, not to any of those nations (or any nation)--

but it's blowback. Nobody says it's right to have revenge, but there are people who are in a vengeful state, because of the wrongs that have been perpetrated.

Miko Peled is another who should be heard--

What is going on over there is wrong, and *we* should not be blind; we don't have to intervene, but we already have. America has already contributed to the suffering in Gaza and the self-righteous denial of Israeli leaders--

And it's a weary business convincing others that Israel is not "The Jews" (who exist in many places outside Israel and do not all have pro-Israel sentiments)--

and that "The Jews" are not confined, ideologically or geographically to one small 'nation' in the middle east--

It is one of the few nations in the world that was formed and then peopled (after pushing out and sometimes exterminating the existing people)--

in America, a nation happened, and the people who were here became Americans, some by default, some not at all--

and then others came--

Israel was an ideology before it was a geographical location--

As for the Palestinians being illegally begotten, they are also descended from Abraham, and many of them have as much of the blood of ancient Israel in them (often by default, not by ideology) as do those who came there as "Jews"--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--