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Would love to!

For fun and benefit of learning, of course.

Earth Time and Galactic Time are uniquely intertwined.

What we observe as earth time: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. IS based on galactic function, but not principle. The natural orbit of the earth will provide seasonal change, as we observe, however the Gregorian Calendar is only based on this function as evidence of substantial purpose, not principle.

The principle of the Universe is found in Dimensional space, as the big bang did not happen inside of space, it created space itself. The point of singularity is immeasurable, it requires two points of singularity in order to have what we observe as the First Dimension. As I am an Arch. student, it would be impossible to dimension the length of a single dot, but rather it would be necessary to have two dots, connect a line, and then perform a measurement. This length is what we call 'time', but really it means 'duration' (of events) which allowed motion or change to occur.

Dimensional behavior is likened to the light source of a sun. The light from the sun is cast in all possible directions, likewise, the first dimension from the point of singularity is cast in all possible directions. For each respective first dimensional line there is a second dimensional line cast from it, and from there a third. It is where the idea of fields of dimensional space come from - however, we only observe this physical dimensional space.

As for how a 6,000 year old earth and 3.8 Billion year old earth overlap, the answer is found at combining the center of space with the edge. Scientists do not believe there will be a known center of the universe and I would agree. Not because there is not one that exists, but because it will never, ever be seen.. as it is the largest black hole in the galaxy. However, if we could draw a central point of singularity and then further draw a circle around it representing the expanding edge of space, it would be more clear to understand Einsteins curve of space time.

Example: Draw a radial wall clock, but only the hours 1, 2, and 3. Draw a dot in the center of clock circle, and connect a line from the center to the position of 1 o'clock. Place a dark dot there at that endline to represent Earth Time. Now, draw a second line, overtop the first line, but extend it 3x as far outward maintaining its trajectory in line with 1 o clock. Draw a dark dot at the end of the second line and we will call it Galactic Time.

Now, rotate both lines from the position at 1 o clock to 2 o clock and on to 3. What we find is that the arc displacement, of which earth time would rotate around the center is smaller than the arc displacement of galaxy time rotating around the center.

In duration, the time is the same, but in possibility of events taking place, the further you get from center the more events happen in the same amount of time. Thus a 6,000 year old earth could represent a 6,000,000,000 old galaxy at the far extents of space!

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