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OMG -- USE Google

If someone makes a "quote" -- simply cut and paste the first part of it into Google -- then the link will come up.

Google for yourself: "Secession Commissioners" - "Fire-Eaters" - "Declaration of Causes Civil War"

My opinion (at this point) is that you and Dunn do not want to know the truth.

The Declaration of Causes is what THE STATES wrote themselves as the reasons for secession -- Especially read Mississippi's.

Dunn actually accused me of wanting her to read a "modern book" -- These Declaration of Causes (OH read the Confederate Constitution for god's sake) are from 1860.

The letters and speeches given by the Secession Commissioners happened in 1860 -- "believing" DiLorenzo, Rockwell, or Woods on this topic is to take a "modern" view -- since they ignore or were ignorant of the "Declaration of Causes," speeches given by the "Secession Commissioners" (outlining the reasons to secede), and the Confederate Constitution -- HAHAHAHAAHAHA. There is NO WAY they were ignorant to these FACTS.