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All the rage?....what are you talkin' about? Are you angry that others might somehow see a need to think about and prepare for alternatives to their present conditions? If so, why does that anger you? Just because someone is for some reason "fearless" (apparently like yourself) doesn't in any way make them smart...or correct in their assumptions....just as being fearful won't necessarily lead one to the proper conclusions.

It's all a crap shoot from here (albeit one wherein a player may have the benefit of informationally loaded dice), and some may see an exit from the USA as being quite brave rather than a decision made from a fearful basis...just as some might see such an option as being stupid.

Every time the power goes off...I find myself happy that I have alternative power...something I purchased from a source that provided what I needed and had not the capabilities of manufacturing myself. It's good to have service and product providers...whatever your decisions.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?