Comment: I would read ALL about the Petro-dollar

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I would read ALL about the Petro-dollar

The Petro-dollar is utterly fascinating to me, and it pertains to "economics" because that is literally what is keeping our dollar afloat and what is driving our foreign policy. Petro-dollar hegemony.

An expert on this topic is William Clark. He wrote "PETRO-DOLLAR WARFARE: Oil, Iraq and the future of the Dollar. Also "The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony: Petrodollar recycling and International Markets. By David E. Spiro. A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, by F. William Engdahl is another great read. Since you've read Rothbard and Mises you already have the foundation of Austrian Economics, I feel these aforementioned books put our current Empirical situation and Military Keynsianism into prospective. The Creature from Jekyll Island is amazing as well and of course "END THE FED" by the man (Ron Paul) himself.

There are many good books out there- they just might be a little more difficult to find because they expose the super elite banking cartels that run everything- good luck!

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