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Ahhh, a sane comment.

As a farmer I can tell you that producing organic crops everywhere will make the world starve. Simply put, organics are a luxury, and not necessarily healthier; caterpillars release a toxin on corn that produces cancer. Bt Corn prevents this caterpillar. Rice enriched with vitamins and minerals also helps to save more people than just simple rice. Personally I like my pasture fed cattle, free range chicken and eggs, vegetables from my neighbors garden (even though he does use some pesticides, but appropriately).

The one comment on the video I thought good is about cross pollination. That clearly was a failure on the court system allowing "pollution" onto someone elses property. Monsanto should just make a non pollinating variety, or one that can't pollinate other non-gmo corn. But as for soybeans, they don't cross pollinate and thus you can have them side by side, as I do on my farm.

There is a lot of disinformation out there, but by both sides. So everyone should really look at the science and not what some idiot is saying.