Comment: What vague, lame talking points this guy had

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What vague, lame talking points this guy had

He was struggling. Saddam had no Navy, no Air force, a severely weakened economy due to our sanctions and bombing (1,000,000 people died including 500,000 children) And that was BEFORE we invaded. He claims "Iraq was a threat to their neighbors" did he mention IRAN? Well no, Iran is the new boogeyman. We told Saddam to attack Iran, gave him money and weapons- over a MILLION Iranians died during the Iran/Iraq war. He doesn't mention that...because we sanctioned it. What a hypocrite- i see why he wanted to end the interview. Iraq was put in power by OUR CIA. He was our buddy for a long time, until he stopped playing ball and got off the Petro-dollar. What Horse-sh#t. I'm so sick of this vague Neocon propaganda- they are having a hard time defending the Iraq invasion but they still do it, like clockwork.

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