Comment: I agree with the "junk silver" comments

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I agree with the "junk silver" comments

It would be best to have minted currency and US is best to have since you probably live here.

Start with 1964 and earlier dimes, quarters, etc and collect pennies pre 1982. Also collect all of the nickels you have and don't cash in that as change.

I'd ask every relative and friend if they have any silver coins and you'll offer them spot for it (that will save you money to start maybe as you won't be paying retail).

You should stick with American Silver Eagles even though there is a premium they are something that is readily accepted. When you buy go to coin shows as they have a variety and deals that an online site won't.

Just start buying though don't drop all your money at once and just make sure you buy a few times from a few places and get used to the experience even it's just a few dollars to start. Then you will know a good deal when you come across it. Nothing can replace experience.

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