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Thank you for the confirmation

I will go point by point. I'm being as respectful as I can, lying just rubs me raw.

"I hated even the concept of a religion or the idea of the existence of a god." -- Hating a 'concept' is irrational, and no atheist does that, hating the idea of a god or hating religion (no matter how many times religious people like you claim that is what atheists are, it doesn't make it true). You may have been rebelling or something, but hate is an emotional reaction to something. Nope, not an atheist.

"How about all the atheists who support the greatest violation of religious liberty any government could create -- the public school system?" -- Seeing as the public school system (not the federalized version we have today) was created well over a hundred years ago, and that even in modern times atheists make up less than 5% of the population, then it would be logical to assume that it was the 95% that had the largest role in creating it. I know logic isn't a strong suit with people who use revisionist thinking, but I don't see how you can even make that point it is so irrational. Atheists support the public school system in the same percentage as the gigantic religious majority, possibly less, an overwhelming majority of public schools are still rife with religious pressures and indoctrination.

"Are you trying to tell me there are more atheists who oppose the existence of public education than support it?" -- Are you trying to tell me there are more Christians who oppose the existence of public schools than support it? The numbers are against you there. And before responding to the rest of this line of thought - let's just review real history. It has only been since the 1970's that public school teachers were forbidden to indocrinate little children with Christian theology no matter their parents beliefs.

Furthermore, a public education system itself has absolutely ZERO to do with religious freedom. More absense of logic. That is a false dicotomy. Are you saying that having public schools (lets ignore the centralization issue for now) takes away your ability to practice a religion or hold beliefs? If you are, then you have less sense of logic and reason than I first thought. That is why there are perochial schools who are fully accredited to give diplomas by the states, you know those evil bastards oppressing religious people by doing so....somehow in your world.

"Or are you going to try to convince us that a government controlled education, as long as they never support any particular religion (except, of course, atheism), is actually consistent with religious liberty?" -- Yes, because once again you have demonstrated both of your lies in one statement. Atheism isn't a religion, not a world-view, not a political position, not a movement, etc...; I simply do not believe in your god, triune god, whatever. Not even understanding that simple concept is proof you were never an atheist. Thank you for confirming lie #1. And, yes, a public school not "supporting" one particular religion is the very definition of religious liberty. It treats all children equally. And that is ideally, but even that is is far from true, atheist children are constantly made victims of public ridicule and favoritism in public schools.

I agree that the public system as it is is a propaganda arm of the corporatists and socialists, no argument there. Full of revisionist history and since the 50's have been used to dumb down the population - I'm with you. But, to also claim that they "teach" atheism is silly, especially since there is no such thing as "teaching" lack of a belief. And, to further claim that they are there to stop religious people from holding their faiths is equally ridiculous. The US is the most religious nation on earth, almost without equal. And, 95% of that overwhelming majority of citizens (including teachers and administrators) are Christians. If public schools were, in your terms, created to limit religious liberty, well, they have gone horribly wrong.

Sorry, on top of the two lies, your arguments just lack any logic or reasonable backing.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain