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I hear ya Cd.

I traveled to a lot of countries. The US is the least free. Most get freedom and rules or prosperity confused for some reason.

Apparently China has far stronger property rights than us. The article actually shows more than one example of these strong property rights. Their lack of building codes is amazing to me too. Our government would've kicked the couple out just for having a building so unsafe and unsightly not to mention the lack of proper parking.

I guess no one scrolled down the article to see the multiple examples of this same situation in China.

There was another article there too about a family living in a public bathroom stall. I wonder how that would go over here. The child would be sent to child services and the couple thrown in jail for that kind of heinous crime.

They have the one child policy, but we have property owners paying for schools and the government giving away money the more kids you have. If your single you get even more. They both seem a bit messed up to me. I think I would chose the first scenario though, if I had to pick. I think the folks who have kids should pay for their own kids schools. Then maybe they would not have so many. As it is we have the poorest and single people having most of the children. Survival of the least fit, hmmm.

And our entire medical industry is a racket. No other country has such harsh rules. And we ain't seen nottin' yet. I am sick to think of what this new Obamacare will be like. In Spain, Morocco, Israel, Argentina, Tanzania, and Mexico you just go to the pharmacy, tell them what you need, and viola. I paid $8 to get tested for malaria and my malaria medicine. Ya gotta love those prices.