Comment: My theory is the following:

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My theory is the following:

1. It was not a Seal team, but actually a mercenary team that carried out the move on that house in question.

- Crashed helicopter (seemed oddly modern from what could be seen)
- Surprise that there was a designation of a "Seal Team 6" to begin with in some circles
- Eventual backing off by Pakistan once they found out it was a mercenary team and not an official foreign state military unit.
- Later report of the demise of the same team at a later mission or accident. (Designed to raise the hackles of conspiracy theorists thereby drawing them off track to begin with...)

2. It either wasn't Bin Laden - or - they did get him but simply sent him back home to Saudi Arabia / Yemen again.

- All the initial photoshopped photos that eventually got withdrawn.
- Only a rear view of the old man provided...obscure.

3. The situation room photo. Critical moment - and what's the POTUS doing? Sitting off to one side almost at floor level. Sure that meeting did take place - but just so the general could show a nifty Point Presentation, trendy graph, or something less important but attention grabbing nonetheless.


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