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Comment: Anti-Semitic Whining

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Anti-Semitic Whining

has been especially high in the fall of 2011. People who are sympathetic to RP (like Glenn Beck and some other talk radio hosts) decided not to support us mostly because of this whining.

Blue Republicans, populists, immigrants from UK, Ukraine and muslim countries along with anti-Semites from leftist anti-War movement confuse "group rights" of Palestinians with their individual rights. Since there are no group rights, but rather group demands, the solution can be either via force or negotiation. Arabs did indeed failed to negotiate partition and failed to get the land by force all these years since 1948. International law allows land annexation from any attacker. And Israel did just that, like Russia annexed Japanese islands and Poland was given land that belonged to Germany. If New World Order were not against Israel, Israel would had still kept Suetz canal he held in 1953.

When an outsider sees that RP movement (presumably "INDIVIDUALIST" one) suddenly supports demands of a particular GROUP while ignoring demands of other groups (say, those of Kurds, Basques, Tibetians, Chechens, etc.), he knows something is really FISHY going on.