Comment: The Wild West

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The Wild West

So are you actually familiar with the scholarly work on the wild west? Did you read the Anderson and Leal book published by Stanford? Which part did you find unpersuasive?

The rest of your comment is the same kind of ignorant bile. How likely is it that Woods believes all of mankind is good and atrocities have never occurred? Given that there is zero chance of this, and you obviously realize this can't possibly be Woods' position, why would you spew this bile anyway?

Why would you advance the crimes of governments as if they refute, rather than vindicate, what Woods is saying?

Where has Woods or any other Rothbardian ever said that human beings are naturally good? I would like a citation.

And finally, Dr. Paul urges us to read Woods, Rothbard, Rockwell, Murphy, and plenty of others who oppose the initiation of force, so I think I'm going to stick to Dr. Paul's recommendations, and not claim that his recommendations are "worthless."