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"So are you actually familiar

"So are you actually familiar with the scholarly work on the wild west?"

Are you familiar with the Native Americans? What books do you think I need to read so that I'll understand that the west was actually a utopia of nonaggression? Maybe I should buy Tom's book? Please, enlighten me, so I too can play make believe and pretend I'll get liberty without justice.

"The rest of your comment is the same kind of ignorant bile. How likely is it that Woods believes all of mankind is good and atrocities have never occurred?"

I have no doubt that he knows atrocities are the norm in human history. He's not stupid. He's just playing naive, and thinks if he keeps saying "the non-aggression principle" long enough it will come true. (try clicking your heels three times)

Maybe if he says it enough he can get rid of all those people who choose violence to take what they covet? Maybe if he says it enough he can convince people to get rid of the systems of justice we create to meet injustice with force?

Is he an Anarchist or a Libertarian? Tell me?

"Why would you advance the crimes of governments as if they refute, rather than vindicate, what Woods is saying?"

Because I'm not some naive Anarchist who tries to blame our evils on the governments we create. The problem runs deeper, and it doesn't go away when we get rid of government. It will follows us into whatever system we create, and if that system is without justice, I feel obligated to speak out for the sake of those a Judas Goat would see destroyed.

Governments are as flawed as the men who create them, and when I look around today, all I see are covetous people who use their vote like a fist, stealing what they unjustly want.

"Where has Woods or any other Rothbardian ever said that human beings are naturally good? I would like a citation."

How about his video? That's all an Anarchist ever does. All they do is spout off their talking points like parrots, and if you even bring up mans covetous nature they go on the attack, such as you're doing now. It's pathetic to watch an Anarchist cover their eyes to human history.

"And finally, Dr. Paul urges us to read Woods, Rothbard, Rockwell, Murphy, and plenty of others who oppose the initiation of force"

He also hired Jesse Benton, and had his campaign tell people to hide their buttons and shows of support, to only parrot his talking points, and to even pretend to be Romney supporters!!! I stopped caring about "his recommendations" as soon as I figured out he never had any intention of winning. He ran a self defeating campaign from beginning to end trying to sucker money out of people while his son was endorsing Mitt Romney.

"so I think I'm going to stick to Dr. Paul's recommendations, and not claim that his recommendations are worthless"

I'm a Libertarian. You go ahead and do whatever you want. I want people to be the owners of their own minds, bodies, and labor, so you go ahead and keep reading, and when you figure out that you aren't ever going to get liberty without justice, that the two go hand in hand, get back to me.

I'll be waiting.