Comment: Where was the local sheriff?

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Where was the local sheriff?

Where was the local sheriff? Why did he not stop the Feds or arrest them?
it is a Montana case where the sheriff has power over the fed and the fed needs to ge permittion from the sheriff to enter anyones poperty. So why did hte local sheriff allow them or why did not the local sheriff arrest the FEds?

This guy should not plead guildty and file fed charges against ea=ach one of them. There are 4 court rulings that each and every one of those feds wer self contractos and each one could be sued. they also can be charged with Tile 18 343 and 342. So file the charges against each one.
Also do a true bill on each one of them that is what they do to you.
More than likely they will not challenge it and when fed court present it it takes 30days to do this

May GOD Bless each and everyone.
I pray that God may see that Ron Paul will not be hurt or wounded, that he may become our next full two term President of the united States of America!