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Comment: This is the Unproductive & Silly Side of this "Movement"

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This is the Unproductive & Silly Side of this "Movement"

Why the hell are we devoting so much space and energy to this issue? This is not our cause, It is not our fight? You people should be ranting and railing against monetary policy and government spending, loss of civil liberties, US Wars and bases throughout the world, etc., instead of choosing sides in a fight between racists tribes in the middle east.

They hate each other over there. The Palestinians are destitute and ignorant. They are going nowhere fast, whether the Jew is their neighbor or not. Half you people act like the Gaza Strip would turn into Sunset Strip if the Zionists would just pack their bags. Sure, eventually things might improve if the Jews left. The Arab might finally realize that they are their own problem without the jew to blame.

The Jew was stupid in 1948. Someone had the bright idea to try and build a luxury Condo in the middle of South Central. And now they are paying the price. Do we have to pay that price along with them forever?

They will always fight. The Jews have 250 nukes and are not going anywhere. The Palestinians will always be losers and always blame the Jew for it. And Zionism? That is pretty much settled at this point. Why beat a dead horse? We are not pulling out of North Dakota and the Jew isn't going to leave "palestine".

This is not our business and that is the point. Our business is here. We are losing our freedom right here at home. It just seems silly to worry about insolvable, everlasting trouble in the middle east.

We don't have to decide who is right or wrong. Their all wrong. If you are looking for clean hands in the middle east, you are a just being silly.

A pox on both their houses. Just stop sending them my money.