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Comment: Anarchy ?

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Anarchy ?


I have hard time to find anywhere in this video what would allow us to qualify Tom Woods as being an "anarchist".

The only type of government idea he challenged, or questioned, or on some edges anyway, is the federal government, and yet he acknowledged at least two historical periods where the latter, in its most limited forms, was actually "mostly harmless" (my words here) and a priori compatible with the United States union.

Where did Tom Woods definitely, unambiguously advocate for removing BOTH forms of government, including those found at the states level ?

Instead, he advocates the idea of going back to a compact union where the states ARE the building blocks of it ANEW, with their local governments, and bottom-up (vs. top-down, as it is the case today for this authoritarian federal government we're putting up with, shoving its force down the states' throats).

Maybe I am nitpicking, but as I see it, anarchy (*), in the strict sense, is the denial of ANY form of government external to the individual and his/her own endeavors. I don't mean to say such daydreamers (alike socialists or collectivists on the other extreme end) don't exist still today, but I have hard times to recognize Tom Woods as one of them, from what is said in this video.


(* which I doubt has ever been attempted successfully for significant lengths of time anywhere and that I would never advocate anyway)

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