Comment: This comment betrays a sort of spiritual blindenss.

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This comment betrays a sort of spiritual blindenss.

"May be a little heavy in parts on promoting God for some but never the less good info people need to know."

Hello? God was the key to Washington's victory.

1776 is the overwhelming evidence that there is a God who moved Heaven and earth to give victory to the feeble watchmen for freedom.

America should not have happened based on the reality of those days.
If you know the circumstances Washington faced, armed only with his faith in the author of freedom for mankind, his loving God of the bible, you'd have to conclude that the nation was liberated not by the strength of George Washington's might, but by the power of his God.

The circumstances we face today make Washington's battle look like a bump in the road. We are domestically confined and controlled by the most powerful evil forces on earth. Not some far off empire.

Now more than ever we need the blessing of an all-powerful God. Otherwise we're just grist for the globalist mill.