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Comment: Tom Woods

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Tom Woods

is good as a historian, but has intellectual limitations in Libertarian theory (who has not?) Cannot blame him, many Libertarians went the road of Rothbard. Our "purists" from top to bottom often forget that a free-society is not a problem-free happy society - Utopia.

Rothbard failed to present arguments to refute the need of limited government that Ayn Rand and many others had presented. Peaceful arbitration is often impossible to determine "who had initiated the force FIRST." Under anarchy, theory will be forgotten. Competing groups and mafia gangs will take over.

Privately funded arbitration has no use in the following cases:
- where gathering of evidence requires substancial expense - say, DNA, long investigative work/action across the country/world;
- where apprehension of offenders or enforcement of the verdict is costly;
- to determine private property standards, for example, how high in the air your land private property ends, what concentration of bad chemicals constitutes pollution;
- to deal with foreign governments. Like: at what point should we prevent infiltration of foreign government agents, how can we protect intellectual private property abroad, etc.
- etc, etc