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Rothbard a follower of Mises and Hans Herman hoppe

A follower of Rothbard go beyond Mises and Bastiat on the limited role of the state.

Mises and bastiat felt the state was necessary to enforce the law to protect persons from bodily harm and to protect and enforce property and contract rights.

Bastiat noted in the Law that the function of the state as protector had turned to plunderer as the state more often uses its force not to protect property rights but to take from it's citizens.

Rothbard argues against even the limited power of the state to protect personal and property rights.

Other free market thinkers Hayek and Milton freidman believe in even more government action.

Hayek believed in Taxation and the many functions of government as long as they performed those functions well -hence no Hayek society in Auburn Alabama.

Milton Friedman of the Chicago school believed in federal reserve action help the free market hence the Chicago school vs the Austrian school

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