Comment: I agree with your observation

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I agree with your observation

Before Rothbard, Austrian economists mostly stayed on the topic of their professional trade. As long as Rothbard was promoting von Mises economics, he was good.

Then Rothbard learned about workings of individual liberty and "natural law" from Ayn Rand. Due to personal matter with MR wife, his plagiarizing and bad mouth's gossiping, bad blood soon emerged between Rothbard and Ayn Rand followers. On libertarian front, Rothbard was right to depict a parasitic predatory role of government, but could not provide defense against the criticism of anarchy. Reality is bigger than theory and cannot be caged into clever concepts.

The weakness of Chicago schools is their numerical application to economics von Mises had warned against. But nobody can blame economists for trying to use math and statistics in isolated applications. The rest of bad blood between Monetarists and Austrians is exaggerated by Rothbardians.