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Like I've said many times; Anarchists make great slaves.

"He said that those that try to solve stuff with violence are thugs."

Should we use violence to end slavery? Is his answer is to call the man with the whip a thug? A whip master knows he's a thug, and enjoys thuggery. It's like a farmer whipping his mule; the mule is here to serve, and he enjoys watching his mule produce value at the end of a whip.

Some people think they have a right to rule, that they're surrounded by animals, something less than them. The words that come out of a slaves mouth don't even matter, and if Tom thinks calling such people thugs is the solution, his master would just tear out his monkey tongue and whip him into submission.

"I guess you could consider THAT calling them thugs since they had a hay day with the indigenous people."

Indigenous people can represent ANYBODY who currently has what a covetous man wants. Racism, hate, and fear are all just tools to fan mans covetous nature, to justify TAKING from indigenous people, but ultimately, we'll come up with any excuse needed. There's always some way to define indigenous people as "them", the bad guys who have what we want (need).

Is justice thuggery or the answer to it?