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You Condemn an Entire Population for the Acts of a Few

Your logic is typical Zionist propaganda. You skip over the reason why there are extremists. It's because the people in the Gaza Strip are being systematically strangled and those that have the courage to strike back are doing so, even with crude weapons.

The Gaza Strip inhabitants have been oppressed for decades and live is one of the most densely populated space on planet Earth. The Israelis continue to harass Palestinian fishermen by naval force, allowing them only 3 miles to fish off the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip (see: ).

We all know what happens when independent groups try to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip by sea (see: ): they’re murdered (see: ).

Even after this latest cease fire, the Israeli army continues to kill unarmed Palestinian civilians that wander into the Israeli imposed ‘zones of death’ that are Palestinian land (see: According to the Associated Press, part of the cease fire details was for Israel to stop targeted killings (see: ) but have they done that? No. They still murder with impunity.

Let me try and make this plain. The Israeli army has employed a ‘fire at will’ tactic against unarmed Palestinian civilians. They murder them on their own land (i.e., ‘buffer zones’) (see: ). These murders of civilians are in violation of international humanitarian law (see: ). These acts by Israel are inhuman and have to stop.

As an example, suppose the Italian mafia operated in the New York City area, say the borough of Queens. The mafia raided other boroughs committing acts of mayhem. Would the New York Police Department condemned all Italians in Queens, punish them or shoot them because of the acts of a few? Of course not. If the police did that it would be a disproportionate response, a collective punishment of an ethnic population. This is exactly what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This is wrong and must end.